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Welcome fellow felines :D! Like Warriors and role-play?? Then join ^^! Here you can submit art or literature from the series. RULES!!

:bulletred: Nothing inappropriate!!
:bulletgreen: No insulting other members or art!!
:bulletblue: Just have fun :D!

Also if you're interested you can also join a "role-play" Clan c: :

To join go to here --->…

Enjoy~ :3!
Founded 5 Years ago
Jun 19, 2012


10 Members
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Wildstar: "Why hello! Are you lost???" *smirks and unsheathes her claws* "Or are you looking for a fight? you want to know more about the clans huh? But, you're a kittypet! Why would you be interested? ...aaaaaah! You are curious I see!" *pats on the head* "Well, i'll show you around but if you don't want to join...then I suggest that you never come back. These two cats beside me are Sandfire and Snakeclaw. We are patroling our borders and looking for food. ...hahaha yes we do sometimes get into fights and even starve but we all support each other. If one is in trouble then we help ^^. Our names??? ...what do you mean "weird"??! Well, we better get moving now. ...who am I??? My name is Wildstar, leader of NightClan :3! Now, come along!"

members of fireclan:

leader: sonicstar: Russian blue tom with a black star on his shoulder and a silver scar on his left eye. green eyes

deputy: twotails: yellowish tom with bright blue eyes. white muzzle and tail tip has two tails

medicine cat: rosefire: red she-cat with black markings on her ears, tail, paws, and cheeks wears a star necklace. secretly likes sonicstar. (:iconroseflame1998:)
medicine cat apprentice: pansyflight: ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes


roseflower: pinkish she-cat with green eyes
apprentice: creampaw

phoenixfeather:gray tom with a brown face and tail tip. blue eyes

smokeleaf: brown tom with green eyes, and a black omega symbol on his left leg.

{needs more warriors comment if you want in}


sparkwave: red she cat with brown markings like rosefire. mates with smokeleaf. kits: thornkit, and rosefire

kits: thornkit: smaller version of rosefire but with brown markings


creampaw:cream colored she cat with brown eyes.

hazeltail-brown tom with many battle scars

three-legs- gray and white she cat with three legs. very young for an elder. amber eyes


leader: Wildstar- Fluffy brown tabby with blue eyes, tan muzzle, and white belly. Scratch over nose, scar over left eye, and shredded right ear. (:iconinazumathecat:)

deputy: Shadowfur- gray tom with red eyes, and a shy eye fur style thats red along with his front paws, and tail tip.

medicine cat: Flameleap ginger tom with a white paw and a bushy tail tip

Nightbreeze- gray she cat with silver shy eye, paws, ear tips, and tail tip. red eyes
apprentice- juniperpaw

Owlface- brown tom with a black muzzle. amber eyes

Snakeclaw- soild black tom with yellow eyes and a scar over his right eye. His claws are longer than most other cat's.

Sandfire- cream colored tom with blue eyes. His tail and left paw are orange.

Moonfeather- description wip (:iconmoonfeather8:)

Inscisorfang- A small, somewhat violent silver tabby she-cat with sharp canines. Blue eyes. (:iconsurgetic:)

Meltedwax- Jet Black tom with a stubby tail. Silver eyes. (:iconsurgetic:)

Fernstitch- A light green tom with dark blue eyes, dark gray spots on his body, and a scar acrost his nose. (:iconwarriorsfan382:)

Birdflutter- Tortie tabby and white she-cat with blue eyes (:iconbeebumble101:)




rockpaw- Brown tom with hazel eyes and a scratch in his left ear.

juniperpaw-leopard looking she cat with blue eyes and white paws.


leader:jasperstar: brown tom with blue eyes, and a torn ear. mates with skywing

deputy:skywing: blue she-cat with wings, amber eyes. white markings on ears, tail tip, and paws (:iconskythetimberwolf:)

medicine-cat: lavendersky- white she cat with a purplish tint to fur, silver blue eyes

Icestorm- sleek white/lilac tabby she-cat, blind in the left eye; one pale blue eye, one whited-out eye (:iconstarwish-chan:)


Spottedstar - Average Bengal, female, amber eyes, no abnormal markings or scars. Mates with Rockfur. (:iconletiel:)

Blackfrost- Large Black tom with white paws and under belly. (:iconx-coyotefeathers-x:)

Medicine Cat:
Mapleleaf- Description w.i.p. (:iconthatsrawrtasticxd:)

Rockfur- Gray shaded Abyssinian, male, green eyes, white spot on chin but otherwise no markings or visible scars. Mates with Spottedstar. Apprentice is Skypaw. (:iconletiel:)

Skystorm- Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes (:iconskywolf1243:)

Locustheart- tanish-brown she-cat with blueish-green eyes and black tabbys stripes. her back is darker colored tan and her ears are entirely black with gray insides. her tail is a pale ginger color as well as her underbelly and cheeks. (:iconmudnoseandleafstorm:)

Raindapple: A dark gray she-cat with lighter gray paw-tips, tail-tip, underbelly, and icy blue eyes (:iconwillowbreezeliontail:)

Drizzlebird: A light gray tom with green eyes (:iconwillowbreezeliontail:)

(medicine) Mintpetal- young fluffy american-curl she-cat with grey chinchilla fur (white with grey tipped fur), and bright teal eyes (:iconstarwish-chan:)


Eaglekit - Black, yellow eyes, white spots on chest, under right arm, and belly (between hind legs) <-- She's adopted. (parents- Spottedstar and Rockfur)


Remember! Comment if ya want to join :meow:!
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